Parallel Universe

Caplets and Tools

Have you written a caplet or a capsule-related tool that you think others could benefit from? Let us know!

Available Caplets

  • Shield: capsule-shield
    Launches a capsule in a minimal container

  • Maven: capsule-maven
    Resolves artifacts against a Maven repository if not embedded in the capsule

  • Daemon: capsule-daemon
    Launches your application as a Unix daemon/Windows service

  • Desktop: capsule-desktop
    Turns your GUI application capsule into a native executable (including an icon) for Windows, Mac or Linux

  • Secure: capsule-secure
    Runs the capsule in a Java sandbox with a configurable security policy

  • OSv: capsule-osv
    Turns a capsule into an image runnable on the OSv microkernel

Build-Tool Plugins